Announcement of 1st International Watercolor Magazine Online Contest Winners

Announcement of Winners

1st International Watercolor Magazine Online Contest

Thank you everyone for participating in the 1st International Watercolor Magazine Online Contest, We have an overwhelm response and we received 1452 entries from the contest. It was a difficult task for the jury to choose the best image for the cover, as we found the entries were very high standard. Many factors were taken into consideration, the composition, technique, color handling as well as the suitability of the mage to be on the magazine cover.

We have 25 Honorable Mention Prize, 3 Young Artists Winners and 3 Open Group Winners. The image of the Cover Winner will be published in the 2nd issue of the IWS Magazine.

The winners will be contacted for arrangement of collecting certificates, you may also email to for enquiry or details.

Here we announce our winners as follow:

Cover Image Winner: Roberto Zangarelli (Italy)

Open Group:

First: Roberto Zangarelli (Italy)
Second: Ouyang Songbai (China)
Third: Sun Lili (China)

Young Artist Group:
First: Teng Fei (China)
Second: Munkhbaatar Surentsetseg (Mongolia)
Third: Rainbow Tse ( Hong Kong )

Honorable Mention: ( winners are not in order )
Anna Ivanova (Russia)
Bat-orshikh Purevdorj (Mongolia)
Liu Xide (China)
Watana Kreetong (Thailand)
Natalia Gudina (Russia)
Grzegorz Wrobel (Poland)
Ona Kingdon (Canada)
Konstantin Sterkhov (Russia)
Zhao Jitong (china)
Igor Sava (Italy)
Gultekin Cicekciler (Turkey)
Merhab Djelloul (Algeria)
Dino Dante Kangleon Pajao (Philippines)
Li Jitong ( China)
Suphawat Hi (Thailand)
Daniel Napp ( Germany)
Mona Omrani (Spain)
Sun Jianggang (China)
Ho Hung (Vietnam)
Pikulthong Wiangnil (Thailand)
Pornchai Sinonpat (Thailand)
Wu Bin (China)
Chun Chieh Huang (Taiwan)
Qian Yang Mei (China)
Tong Dujuan (China)

We would like to congratulate the winners and thank all participants for their enthusiastic response to the contest.

Kind Regards,
Ze Ze
IWS Magazine Editor

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